Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winkle Wednesday

Winkle Wednesday, sorry posted on Thursday!

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In the Studio - Most of today, and into this evening, I will be adding more details to the new Winkle Sculptures.

Into Fiber - I am working on a new Pattern for Etsy. When I am finished with it...I would like to get it into the hoop for a finished Punch Needle, or maybe a wool applique! We will see, stay tuned!

In the Cottage - I noticed that a miniature burning bush outside, has gnaw marks at the base, about 18 inches off the ground, so a deer rubbing is out of the question, its far to low. Does anyone know of a animal that would do such a thing? There is also, little round, light brown poop balls under it. Opossum, do they gnaw? Raccoon I don't know! But I will be searching the internet looking at poop. Isn't the internet wonderful!

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