Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Loves me loves me not

"Loves me loves me not"


This is adapted from a Punch Needle Pattern, enlarged to 12"  x 12" It is hand drawn on Monks cloth or Hookers linen. Visit my Etsy shop for more information and to view more Rug Hooking Patterns at: 


Punch Needle Pattern

New to my Etsy shop! 
Measurement: 4 3/4" Wide  x 7 1/2" High
Color coded for your convenience using DMC floss.
Available as a instant download or Printed through snail mail.
Variations include Pattern only
Pattern with blank fat quarter of weavers cloth
Pattern + Pattern printed on Fat quarter of weavers cloth

Grab a cup of coffee, Pop on over and join me in my Etsy shop:

Its very cold today, but the snow has stopped......... for now?

Stay warm,  Happy needling!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Four Season Farm

Cow / Fall

Sheep / Spring

Goat / Summer

Pig / Winter

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! 
And a busy week it's been. All Four rug hooking patterns are now available in my Etsy shop.
These have been enlarged from a Punch needle embroidery pattern which are also available. They are available in two sizes (10 1/2" H x 36" W) or (13" H x 44 1/2" W). Also your choice of Monks cloth or linen. I'm working on a new Punch needle pattern, hope to finish it off this weekend and possible post on Monday or Tuesday. 
Have a wonderful weekend! Kate

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sheep / Spring

Sheep/ Spring Rug hooking or rug punch pattern

Available now in my etsy shop:

This is the third of a set of four, adapted from my punch needle embroidery pattern.
Almost all done. The last is the Cow / fall coming ASAP.

Available on Monks cloth or linen.
Two sizes available.

Happy Hooking and punching,

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goat / Summer

Goat / Summer Rug Hooking Rug Punch Pattern

The snow keeps falling, on the positive side I get so much done. I have to admit I am a chicken to drive in this so I stay put and work. Love it....(singing) let it snow, let it snow,  let it snow!

The second edition of Four Seasons Farm is now in my Etsy shop!

There are four in total:
Pig / winter - now available
Goat / summer - now available
Sheep / Spring - coming next
Cow / Fall - coming soon

These patterns come in two sizes (10 1/2" H  x 36" W) or (13" H  x 44 1/2" W)
With a choice of Fabric...Monks cloth or Linen.

Stay cozied in, and Happy Needling,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pig / Winter

Pig/Winter Rug Hooking, Punching Pattern
Good morning, I'm popping in on this snowy day to announce my newest Rug Hooking Pattern now available in my cottage etsy shop :
It's available on monks cloth or linen and also two different sizes (10 1/2" H  x 36" W) or (13" H  x 44 1/2" W). This pattertn is adapted from a punch needle pattern. Picture shown above. I do include this photo with the pattern as well as a simplecolor version for you to follow.

Stay warm, stay cozy and as always Happy Needling!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bunny Trail

Good Morning everyone, It's March so spring is just around the corner. Bunnies are returning to Briar Cottage to feast on all the spring blooms. Easter will be here in no time!  I would like to introduce you to "Bunny Trail" my newest punch needle pattern, it is now available at my Cottage Etsy shop. Here is the link:
Stop by say hello, and browse through the many Patterns available. 
"Bunny Trail" measures 5 1/2" wide  by 8 1/2" high. It is a three strand punch which comes color coded using DMC. Looking forward to seeing all your spring punches on facebook.

Happy Needling,