Thursday, August 18, 2016

12 Days is Finished

I have spent this month in the air conditioning designing and punching the final punches for the Twelve days of Christmas. All twelve are available now in my Cottage Etsy shop. Each sold separately.

12 days of Christmas Ornies
The Ornies are also all available, sold in sets of two.
I will be spending the next few weeks putting finishing touches on all my existing punches. I am ready to do some hand work again and get some of the finished punches up for sale. So stay tuned! Enjoy, and as always Happy Punching!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Fall Floral

"Fall floral"

One more to post before I head out to design the next in the 12 days of Christmas series.

Fall colors, wahoooo! love them!
 It's hard to tell from the photo but this punch has a slightly arched top. 
Fun, fun, fun!

Now available in my Etsy shop

Have a great week,

Spells & Pumpkins

Good Afternoon, Everyone! 

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave!

I can't get this song out of my head! Thank goodness you can't hear me sing, tone deaf for sure!

I have two new designs for you today. 
Companion is Spells and the other Pumpkins.
Sold separately!

Two different punches with the same character. I will be finishing these as small pillows for my two chairs in the kitchen. 

The size is the same 7 1/4" high by 5 3/4" wide.
The pallette is the same for both.
They are a 3 strand punch, color coded using DMC floss only!

Now available in my Cottage Etsy Shop:
Pop over and join me for a ice cold drink, won't you!

Have a wonderful day, stay cool!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Scare de Crow

Wow, It's Thursday!

Here is the first offering for Fall this year, I just love Fall. 
You can keep the heat of the summer. I'm like the witch in the wizard of OZ. 
I'm melting, I'm melting, and It's not from water!!!

This Punch Needle Pattern measures 8 1/4" x 6".
It is color coded using DMC Only. 
Use your three strand floss and red 3 strand CTR needle.

Available in my Cottage Etsy shop!

I have been busy organizing my Store. 
I do hope it's a little easier to navigate and find your way around!
I have organized it according to seasons. for now the 12 days of Christmas are on the first pages then Fall, Winter, Summer & Spring finally the supplies and artwork on the last pages. I hope this helps?

Wishing you a wonderful day, stay cool!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Nine Ladies Dancing

"Nine Ladies Dancing"

Hi Everyone, It's a beautiful afternoon here in Pittsburgh. 
Just wanted to pop in to let all you 12 days of Christmas punchers know that the newest is available now in my Cottage Etsy shop.
 I do hope everyone is having fun with this series.


Also the next set of ornies is available.
Set 4 of 6, 
7 swans a swimming and 8 Maids a milking!

Like many other designers we are now starting on Fall. It is just around the corner.
Whoopee, my favorite time of year.
The first 2016 fall pattern is off the hoop and getting coded, look for it shortly!

Wishing you a wonderful day, Enjoy

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Snail's pace

"Snail's pace"
Good Thursday afternoon to everyone.

I hope your weather has been as beautiful as it's been in Pittsburgh...just gorgeous!

I've finally got my yard in shape and feel I'm finally catching up on all the chores!

This week I was able to take a few breaks between chores to punch this wonderful picture of a snail....just to remind myself to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple things in life!

It is a three strand punch, using DMC only! 
It measures 9" high by 6 3/4" wide.
It is now available in my cottage Etsy shop:

Let me also take this opportunity to wish you a safe and delightful holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July,