Monday, January 25, 2016

Honey Bunn

"Honey Bunn"

I'm hoping everyone is safe and sound after the storm. It is beautiful seeing all the white, and the full moon has made it even more spectacular. Be careful digging out!

Anyone that knows me knows I love seems like I'm not alone!
Honey Bunn, my newest design, is a bit Prim, a bit whimsical, and definitely a chubby fellow.

He is s 3 strand punch, (Mixer)

 MIXER-------Using two different colors threaded together to created a tone value ..example: one strand of red and one strand of brown threaded together to create a darker tone value. instruction for colors and thread count included. 

Color coded: using DMC for detail and Valdani Perle cotton for the background.

Now available in my Cottage Etsy shop:

Stay warm, Hunker in and Punch!

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