Monday, October 17, 2016

Late Night Walk

"Late Night Walk"

Good Monday morning to you. I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend. I spend mine punching this Christmas Pattern and was also able to do the finish work on this decorative Christmas pillow. Let me first give you some details about the punch needle pattern now available in my Etsy shop.  
This is a three strand punch
Color coded using DMC for the detail, Valdani Perle Cotton for the border and for the first time I've used the new Rustic wool Moire thread for the background.

Moire threads are available at:
I just love the texture this thread added to the Piece. It worked very nicely with the 3 strand CTR needle. 
This Punch Measures 9" high by 7 1/2" wide.

Here is the link to my Etsy Shop if you are interested in purchasing the pattern:

I finished the piece using wool for the front and back. Stitch the Punch to the wool using a blanket stitch around all edges. I decided on pennies to finish of the edge, black for the larger pennies were added first to the seam of the pillow a little more than halfway pinned in place, then I hand stitched through all layers front, black pennies and backing using a blanket stitch to form the pillow shell. Remember to leave an opening for stuffing. Remove all pins and stuff pillow. Close the stuffing opening also using a blanket stitch to match. I wanted a little touch of the burnt orange, so I decided to add french knots around the edge at each blanket stitch stem. I then added the smaller pennies in the green plaid to each of the black pennies overlapping the pillow edge. I must say the pillow finish took much longer than the punch itself. In all this took 2 days to punch and another 2 1/2 days to finish. The finished pillow measures: 16" by 16". 

Detail of Santa

Detail of Reindeer.

Detail of  Lower Border.

As always wishing you pleasure in punching!

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