Monday, November 13, 2017

Companion Piece

 This years, "Late Night walk Companion 2"

Good afternoon everyone! 
I'm Popping in to introduce my companion piece to Late night walk.

I have named it "Late night walk companion 2" in hopes that everyone realizes this piece goes together with last year's Christmas punch "Late night walk".
I will be making it into another pillow like the first. It will be a matching set for the couch. Looking forward to this year's holiday Season.

The pieces measures approximately the same 9" x 7 1/2", The background is punched using Moire thread for a heathered look. Moire wool thread adds such a lovely dimension to the piece. I've stayed pretty true to the colors on the first they match using DMC floss. It is a three strand punch.

A helpful hint: I do suggest you have this piece pre-printed on weavers cloth...the pinecone will be printed shaded to ease the color choices. I have to admit otherwise the pinecone is a little tricky.

Look for the new punch at my Etsy shop:


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