Friday, July 13, 2018

Tide Pool - Rug Hooking

It's been a year maybe two that this rug has been patiently waiting my return. I'm so happy that its finished. Love it, so very different for me, a touch of modern art. Its hooked using many different fibers including wool strips, yarns, roving (which is spinning fiber merino) & Silk yarn. For now I've decided to enjoy it on the floor in my guest bedroom. And wow... it feels wonderful under foot. Eventually I may hang it on the wall in my bedroom. It measures 4' by 5'. 

I can't remember when I haven't had a project on the burner.. it's quite a nice feeling to have all my started projects finished. A clean slate, so to speak....A little inner searching for a couple days ... to search for inspiration  then to the next projects .....  What's in store?

Thank you for stopping by, as always Enjoy,


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