Monday, October 22, 2018

Circle design

Circle design for the 8" Auburn hoops

8" Auburn hoop

beautifully designed awesome hoop.

Close up of pattern.

Good Monday morning, the sun is finally shining today, Whoot whoot!

I am still excited about these new Auburn frames: 

I did try and punch in it, but to be honest...I cannot punch nicely and comfortably in a hoop. So I very quickly switched to my frame. I guess it's all in what you get used to. 
It did seem to hold nicely. I think it's a wonderful alternative for finishing. (no sew right)
They come in many shapes and sizes.

Back to the punch.
This is a 8" diameter punch needle pattern. Color coded using DMC. It is a three strand punch, on weavers cloth using CTR 3 strand needle.
Fun all season punch!
Here's the link:

Enjoy the day hope the sun is shining for you,

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