Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Farewell 2019

First let me apologize for not posting for a couple months. I am still around just taking a break from punching. I’m teaching myself how to weave tapestries. Plus doing a little rug hooking in the interim. What fun! So much fun that time got away from me. 
Forgive me?

That being said, I would like to say goodbye to 2019!
What a year, many changes this year.....enough that my mental is suffering a bit. I am starting to settle in, hoping with the new year I can find my peace of mind again!

This year I am hoping, not a resolution mind you, no pressures....there is enough of that in our lives now a days, right? 
 I’d like to design & post one or two punch needle patterns a month. Take time to work on my rug hooking, post WIP pics & post the pattern (Let me know if you would like that)? Plus, find time for weaving, spinning and dying wool & yarn.  If you would like me to post pictures of my ventures, let me know your favorites....I’ll be glad to do so, Write a comments, here, on Facebook or Instagram. Sounds like I’ll be busy....lol.
Fiber, Fiber, Fiber...whooopppppie!

Bring it on 2020, looking forward to a new year,

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