Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fairy House 8,9,10

Fairy House 8,9,10,11

I can't's really starting to look like a fairy house now.
Here are some of the little details I've added in the last few days.
I do believe fairies are collectors, things are always disappearing around the Cottage.
Who knows, they may show up here?

A rope swing

Can you find the face?

The front view.

That's were my bells went!

The entry Gate with a sterling silver piece I made a few years ago.

Slowly the stones are being added to the Garden.

A spade, Basket with carrots tomatoes, cabbage  and a tomato plant in the garden

A climbing rose on the chimney and chimney pots

Mushrooms with a snail in the garden

Cut copper awnings, window box with flowers and a stick rail.

front close up.

Having so much fun. Next bits on the inside.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, stay safe and warm.

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