Friday, March 8, 2019

Carrot assembly instructions

I was asked to put together instructions for the carrots and how I assembled it. 
I will do my best to explain. Hope this helps:

1). Punch the carrots using the color code for color placement.
2). When you have finished the punch, cut around the edges leave about 1/4” to 3/8” around the punch so you can turn the weavers cloth back behind the punch.
3). Snip and concave turns so they lay back evenly.

4). Iron the weavers towards the back of the punch. Watch your fingers! I suggest no steam as not to   burn yourself.
5). I used a pre made pillow cover I purchased years ago from a store. You can make your own if you prefer. 
6). Pin your carrots to the pillow cover, in any placement that you like. 
7). Starting at the edge of the green, I then simply whip stitched the carrots to the cover, leaving the top of the carrots where the green is open. ( for the wool strips to be tucked in)

8). When your all done sewing the carrots on.
9).  Use the template for embroidery (provided) and cut out the paper carrots around the dotted lines. Using a transfer pencil I traced the lines for the roots. 
10). Then cut out again around each carrot keeping the roots so each carrot is separated. This gives me the ability to use a transfer pencil to transfer the roots to the fabric using an iron.
11). Place the template around the punched carrot, face down and iron the paper so the image of the roots transfers to the pillow cover. It doesn’t matter which root goes with what carrot. But change the root template for each carrot for variety.
12). Embroider the roots with one of the greens from the punch using a running or stem stitch.
13). Cut 3” to 4”  strips of green wool about 3/16” wide. I used 5 light green and 2 dark green for each carrot. 
14). Make a loop with each strip. Sew them or tie them together at the ends.
15). Tuck them in at the opening that you left at the top of the carrots. To hide the ends. 
16).  Sew them to the pillow cover to secure them.
17). I then snipped the dark green half way so the dark green strip's are not loops. Again for variety.
18). Stuff the pillow and Enjoy! 

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