Thursday, May 24, 2018

Purse-Nuno Felt


Just popping in to show you a project i'm in the middle of. Since I made the purse using the punch of Ivy & Lace. It got me thinking or my imagination rolling on what to do with the piece of Nuno felt I made years ago. I never had the heart to cut it,  i've decided to make it into a purse or tote.

Detail: Embroidery floss wrapped around cording or rope.

A lining of black and white floral.. from a favorite dress I outgrew.

What to do with the Handle? I found it was a bit to long so instead of cutting it I doubled it over for extra padding. 

I think I will add a complimentary cloth to cover it up.

Posting more as I go along...see you soon!

Have a wonderful Memorial day Weekend!


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