Monday, October 3, 2011

The New Cottage Studio

The Cottage Workshop

Outside the Workshop

The Cottage Studio's new enterance
Visitors Welcome
This year there have been many changes and there are more to come! Both the Cottage and the Workshop have had many changes. I have after 13 years been told I can no longer sell out of the small cottage. Well what's a girl to do? Comply with the wishes and move along. So now I have a new location next door. The same whimsy is still there, when you visit you will see many changes, but they are all for the good. I have built a new front porch so I can greet you properly before you enter. I have a workshop inside where I do my painting, and a gallery room so you can view my artwork. And some really cool news, I am now doing fashion items, Yeap FASHION ITEMS, I am starting yet another new venture. I have turned the small cottage into a fiber worshop. I will be spinning my own yarns from my own cottage dyed fibers. Some purchased locally (Alpaca) some purchased as of now on the internet (Merino Wool) Hopefully I can find some local Wools, which  you will be able to purchase for your knitting, felting and crafting ventures.  I will be making scarves, purses,  shawls etc. which will also be for sale, keep it in mind for the Holidays. I am very excited! Today my new spinning wheel is being delivered, Yea! I will try and keep you up to date on the venture, you can learn along with me.  Stay dry and warm!  Happy new ventures to all!

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