Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Every spring, Fall and winter, I change things around the cottage. Not for the Holidays but for the seasons. A lighter airy feel in the spring and summer. So I took yesterday off and switched things out, In the process you always find items that need cleaned, areas that need some TLC, etc. So of course it takes more than one day. I also got a little side tracked. I was recently at the local Thrift store and came across a dresser  I think from the late 1800's. My kids will say, Mom don't you have enough furniture or I thought you were cleaning out. But non the less here it is, now the same old dilemma, do I leave it wood or paint it? We'll as an artist my first thought goes to paint it! A couple years ago, everything in my home was painted , so I am trying to bring some wood back. I will live with it for a week or so till the answer comes! The other question arrives do you keep it or sell it? Hum mm!

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