Sunday, August 18, 2013

August already, Wow!

Well time got away from me this year! I have been working on my world of Winkles. (Paper clay sculptures) They are coming along nicely. I am so excited, and can't wait for you to see the new concept. As you know, last year I did one of a kind Winkle sculptures, with lots of detail.......(I love detail). They did so well, that this year I have decided to bring them to a smaller scale with the ability of seasonal change. Let me explain......
There are..............

SITTER'S: These are wonderful little hand made creatures that sit about 4 to 5 inches tall, they love to hang around on a corner of a shelf, window sill, a stack of books etc. anywhere your  imagination can think of. For example Cats, dogs, mice, witches, Santa's, elves, reindeer, bees, sheep, etc., even an Uncle Sam.

SIT-UPON'S: These are also hand made of paper clay, they are small sculptures that your sitters can sit upon, hence the name sit-upon's. These include things like pumpkins, grasshoppers, frogs, fireplaces, Christmas trees, top hats, snails, fish to name a few.....You can inter mix these with the sitters or let them stand alone without the sitters,  for an ever changing display or as your heart desires.

SIMPLE'S: Simples are little whimsical  accessories, that sit around or add to your sitters and sit upon's. like tiny books, plants, carrots, hats etc.

Example: You have the Sheep (Sitter), he is sitting in a chair (sit-upon), and there is a stack of books beside the chair (Simple). All interchangeable, Got it?

SCULPTURES: I will still be doing, the more involved sculptures, but only a couple a year, these are so detailed I can only put out, one of a kind.

SPINDLES: Spindles are also made of paper clay, These stand alone, they are tall figures that decorate your home for the seasons, really cool! They are made from old stair spindles or chair spindles. Very different!

I wanted to give you a break down on the concept.... I hope it's not confusing! Pictures are coming soon, so keep watching........

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