Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alpaca and Merino

Hand spun, and hand dyed Merino

Hand spun Natural Alpaca

These are my hand spun skeins that I have found to be very interesting on there own as scarves. They are very warm extremely soft yarns that have been bound in areas so they can be worn. If you prefer to knit or crochet with them just nip the bounded areas and you have a skein. They are listed with the yardage, and the prices very because of the materials and the yardage. Alpaca costs a little more because it is more labor intensive. I buy the sheared coat from local alpaca farms it must be cleaned, dyed and combed before it can be spun.  But the Alpaca is so soft, and such a luxurious fiber, that it is worth the labor. I prefer to spin a mixture of Alpaca and merino to bring a softness to the yarn that is like no other.     

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