Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning!

 It's a beautiful day in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a busy day ahead, Commissions to tend too, fall projects to start for the Fall Festival in Bedford, PA. And on top of that ... I have joined a challenge on facebook, if you would like to follow the project friend me at: ( https://www.facebook.com/kate.gillery ). We are to post pictures of the project in progress. 
The Whispering Pines Festival went very well, tiring, but well. 
I have entered a store with Red Rabbit Antiques in Bedford, PA called Anderson House Antiques (like them on facebook to keep up on new antiques and artwork for sale).

On The Hoop:  I have started a new punch needle pattern for fall, (pic above). The pattern will be available on ETsy, soon I hope. I am thinking of putting together some kits for sale with the pattern on linen, and threads to finish your project... I would also like to sell hoops, thread and needles on ETsy, anyone interested please let me know.

In The Studio: I need to add more paper clay to the figures, for the challenge.......more on winkles and the recent post .....   click here.

At the Cottage: I still have to finish fixing the paintings and the frames. They are so big I had to move them out of the studio and into the office, they are staring at me as I speak.... FIX ME.

 Plenty to do, Better get to work!

Have a great day,


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