Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In my Easter Bonnet

For all my check and strip customers, here's a little bit.

This little bunny is literally sitting in her Easter Bonnet.

In My Easter Bonnet

The first of the bunnies for this year.

This Winkle is one of a kind. The little bunny is made of paper mache, with a hardened linen collar. The bonnet is hand woven with the use of  raffia covered wire and jute. The stand is a brass candle holder, hand painted without the use of stencils, in the checks and stripes I'm known for. Thought I would bring a little bit of it back, by request of  customers.

$39.00 + travelling fees, US only, sorry! Also PA sales tax, if you live in PA.

In my Easter Bonnet, is for sale., If you have any questions or interest please feel free to email me at: KATE 

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