Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Floral door pocket finish

Floral door pocket

What you'll need:
Felted wool
bag made of scrap weavers cloth
Ground walnut shell
Knitting needle or rod
floral bottle

Fill Bag with ground walnut shell sew opening

Paint Knitting needle
 slide wooden bead onto needle crack needle
 just a touch smaller than needed

Tear or cut felted wool to appropriate size stitch pocket in place remember you'll need to leave the opening at the bottom ...Stitch punch needle into place, I used a whip stitch for all the above.

Fold in half, stitch top and slide rod into place stitch around rod to hold in place. add walnut shell bag to the bottom and stitch all around the openings.

Add water and plant to floral bottle, slip into pocket add a braided rope to the top
 I slipped a small wooden bead to the end of the ropes and tied a knot

All done a floral pocket for your door! Don't forget to water it!