Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My new fiber studio

I've just begun a new rug, 
A large 60" x 55" approx. abstract landscape. I usually hook in a traditional form. But hopefully this time I can break away and loosen up, and develop a freeform rug. Deanne Fitzpatrick's video's have been a huge inspiration.  If you haven't seen her work and videos do swing by Youtube and check them out!

I've converted an old easel, that was kicking around from my painting days. It was fairly simple to convert. Ordered gripper strips and Monday they arrived. The Hardest thing about this project was attaching the strips. I do suggest you wear gloves!

I spent Saturday morning dyeing the wool and roving, which is always fun. Seeing the colors emerge from the dye pot, and having a wide variety of colors to choose from, I'm like a kid in a candy store.

Last week I broke down my painting and Winkle world studio and reinvented the studio from paint to fiber. Its now a wonderful space with everything fiber at my fingertips. What fun!

Bit by bit I'll chip away at my rug, in between designing punch needle patterns. For all you Winkle collectors out there, I haven't quit all together but they will be limited. Merry Melinda is on the Punch frame and will be posted hopefully by the weekend. 

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Kate! It's a beautiful work space! Are you hooking your rug or punch hooking? Love it, either way!

    1. Valerie, This piece is hooking with wool it's a project for my own freedom, it will be very abstract and non traditional I'm using anything I have available around the house, not just wool. I'm enjoying it tremendously, and am glad I decided to keep it in a separate room, I had forgotten how dusty hooking can be! Thank you for your interest, Kate