Thursday, September 17, 2015

Candle Ring Finishing

Bittersweet Punch Needle Candle Ring

Place under a Jarred Candle or a lamp.

Finish the punch, clip weavers cloth on the outside with triangle shaped farley close to the finished edge and the inner edge with a straight line clip. This holds true for any sewing finishes it helps to flatten any project.

here is a close up of clips

Iron your clips to the inside of your work.

Using a piece of 100 % wool. 
Helps to wash the wool to felt it. you can do this by hand washing using hot then cold water intermittently. 
The hot then cold will felt the small fibers in the wool together.

Cut your piece of wool to about 1/8th inch from punch. There is no need to turn the wool under like a hem. Blanket stitch the wool and punch together around the edges to finish. Since the wool is felted it will not fray.
If you are using fabric, use the same clipping as above, turn in, iron, and hem just like the Weavers cloth. Then blanket stitch the two together.

closeup of 1/8 inch wool hem

Your piece is now finished and can be placed around any object your imagination can muster up!

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