Friday, September 11, 2015



"Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it"

I'm not sure of how it looks elsewhere but today it's Fall in Pittsburgh, the fog in the morning, the chill in the air, and a small amount of leaves and apples falling from the trees...Wahoo I think its arrived! Definitely my favorite time of year, I get so excited! There is one thing missing the smell of burning wood coming from my neighbors fireplaces! Love it!

Ok, back to the Punch.
This is a three strand punch, it comes with a color coded. I wanted to point out that what looks pink around the edges is actually a soft orange, it's a wonderful color from
Valdani  #JP 6, it's 100% Colorfast, Hand dyed Thread. I use the number 12 it fits into any tight spots and is great for the detail that as you know I love.

The Pattern can be found in my cottage Etsy shop. BriarCottage

Wishing all a wonderful day,

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