Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Spy

"I Spy
Briar Cottage Studio

 2 & 3 strand Punch.
Color Coded using Valdani 100% Colorfast  Hand dyed threads for Background
 DMC for Detail work!
It measures approximately 6" High by 5 1/2 " wide.

With my little eye!

It's a Beautiful Day in Pittsburgh, PA! 
I'll take it, yesterday was a blistery, wet, Dank (one of my favorite words Dank) day. But with all the dankness and encouragement from friends, I decided to get my watercolors out again. It came back to me like riding a bike. I enjoyed a fire and my watercolors. I think at least once a month I will do a watercolor converted to Punch needle, and feature them on the blog. So follow along won't you, I think it will be fun!

Have a safe and wonderful day!

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