Monday, January 25, 2016

Hearts Desire

"Hearts Desire Runner & Chair Mat"
Rug Punch/Hooking Pattern

This is not a Punch Needle design!

My first Rug Pattern, I will be selling these hand drawn on fabric. It is listed in my Etsy store under Rug Patterns. And is available with two options:
Hand drawn on Primitive Linen for you Hookers out there!
On Monks cloth for the Rug Punchers using Yarn and the Oxford Needle.

Hearts Desire Runner
Measures: 30" long by 10 1/2" wide.

Hearts Desire Chair Mat

Measures: 13 1/2"  width

Available Printed on Primitive Linen for Hooking or

on Monks Cloth for rug Punching using yarn and the Oxford Needle.

These are hand drawn on fabric, made to order:
They will not be color coded, but I will include a photo of the finished product...for a reference!

I am waiting for my fabric order to it is limited!
 I will repost in the shop when the fabric arrives

Now available in my Cottage Etsy shop:

Looking forward to my new line,

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