Tuesday, September 6, 2016

12 Days of Christmas finishing

Good Tuesday Afternoon to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Labor day weekend. I spend much of mine putting wool backings on the Twelve days of Christmas. Getting ready to finish the project. I have had many thoughts on how to finish them, should I make them into a tree skirt with pennies on the edge, or mount them in a frame for above my fireplace, Well I have decided to mount them on Linen in a row to extend down the 8' wall beside the Christmas tree. I may eventually add pennies to the edge. Yeap, I think I will love it! Oh I forgot to mention it would be wonderful as a countdown to Christmas, pin them onto the backing with a rusted straight pin at the top and add one every day till Christmas. (Like a advent calendar)!

The Ornament have found a touch of bling, 
I believe the beads will catch the christmas lights beautifully. 

I am also sketching and designing a few more fall punches.
I will post when I have them available in Cottage Etsy shop. 

Have a wonderful week!

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