Monday, November 14, 2016

Pixie at Play

"Pixie at Play"

Finished Pattern

Closeup of Punch

Black and white printed on weavers cloth
Available on the Printed listing.

Color printed on weavers cloth
Available on the Printed listing.

So much easier to punch a detailed pattern.

Please keep in mind these are not waterproof. 
The image will bleed if you get it wet.

I will have to experiment with the image, I believe if I iron it with a hot iron it may hen be waterproof..but it could change color...I will give it a try...we will see I'll let you know!

Patterns what you get:

Let me explain what a download or printed pattern includes:.
The cover with measurements, flosses used, DMC, Valdani, Wool Moire. 
These are the three threads I use. 
Generally The detail work is DMC and the background is Valdani or Wool Moire or both.
how many strands count....1,2,3,4,6 strand punch
Name of pattern & Number
And a finished color picture of the punch.
Inside you get:
 a black and white line drawing, forward image  
a black and white line drawing, reversed image
and a color code which works like a paint by number but it is punch by number.

jpg instant download listing, all the above
Printed pattern listing, shipped snail mail
with the options of:
Printed Pattern only
Printed Pattern with plain weavers cloth, 18" x 22"
Printed Pattern with a BW image printed on Weavers cloth, 18" x 22"
Newer patterns only-Printed Pattern with a color image printed on Weavers cloth, 18" x 22"

A new offering in my Etsy shop Pixie at Play, Punch needle pattern.
Pixie at Play information:

 3 strand punch
measurements 7" x 7"
Color coded using: DMC for detail work, 
Valdani Perle cotton for background work, with a DMC alternative

Well that was a long one wasn't it?
Any questions leave a comment, I will answer the best I can.

Happy Punching,

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