Monday, March 3, 2014


I was working on a cross stitch,  I decided to do it in all gray
, well I think I need new specs. This is very close work and my glasses are set up for arms length furniture or Winkle work, looks like I need another pair for close work.
It's giving me double vision..... Wow, try doing cross stitch with double vision.

Well this is my first cross stitch pattern in many years! Transferred the pattern ironed it on and! It's backwards, fitting for a pattern named friends, I think I'll name the backwards one (nobody's perfect) . The thing is with mistakes a solution follows, often a good one, what do you think?

IN THE COTTAGE STUDIO...A bit of sewing, door pockets need finished. A bit of painting on the spindle man, I'm getting close to finishing him.          Ugh..... I truly need to clean the office what a mess! 

 Happy mistakes,

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