Friday, January 30, 2015

Fairy House 11-14

Fairy House Day 11 thru 14

Front view (click images for a larger view)

Terrace Side View

Back View

Swing Side View

Book written by Sandy M. "The Merry Fairy"

Starting the Furniture a woodland Chair with her knitting basket and knitting needles.

The chair is made with twigs homemade grass paper I made years ago. Rose bud, Sheep's wool for those chilly nights on the terrace and on top a tiny acorn cap. The basket is made with paper mache and little balls of yarn are made with Valdani Thread. Oh and the knitting needles are made with painted straight pins....I did knit one row with the needles....that's all my eyes could handle.

Side Terrace with Chair, The little house still needs painted but I'm calling it the bee house, made of paper mache. I would think fairies watch bees like we watch birds.

The watch clock and key was addition I just had to add....I just love clock parts and watch parts. So this was a must have. The key is hung on the side for quick winding and the pendulum as a little face made from paper mache, to finish off a bead on the end.

Added the Copper Tussy Mussy, I made years ago. 
This Fairy house is made with sentimental items and small trinkets Iv'e collected over years. 

Notice the clock key in the moss so old it's naturally Verdi-ed, Love Verdi!!!

Please don't forget the Fairy House will be at Kensington Court Antiques, 
3464 Babcock Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237
February 5,6,7 & 8 th      Hours: 10 to 5

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