Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome Home

The Winkle Fairy house is home.  
Thank you everyone who braved the cold to visit Kensington Court. I hope you all had fun viewing it, as i have had making it. I think it's time for some furniture. You can't have a fairy house without furniture.

Terrace chair.

My first piece of Fairy furniture how much fun.  I believe if I were a fairy I would love to sit and knit on the terrace over looking the woods or garden.

Made from twigs, a tiny acorn cap, hand made grass paper that I made years ago and had know idea what to do with. Wisteria vine, If you look real close, there is a pair of knitting needles made from straight pins, that have been painted. I also added five or six stitches plus knitted one row, which was a feat in-itself. sheep's wool plus a tiny rose bud.

It needed something else beside it. Yarn in a paper clay basket? The yarn is rolled in tiny balls and is made from Valdani Thread. Adds a little color. 

Wishing all a wonderful day, stay warm.  

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