Monday, March 7, 2016

Four Calling Birds

"Four Calling Birds"
Twelve Days of Christmas

We are now on the 4th day of Christmas, a folk art rendition of four pheasants. I never realized there were so many birds in the twelve days of Christmas. I've sang, in my head only, since I am a horrible singer, since I was a child, who knew?

This is a 3 strand punch, using DMC for detail and Valdani for the Background. I do this on most of my patterns. The Valdani is so nice in the backgrounds for non threading, being that it's a continuous ball plus the colors are beautiful in the variegations.
Before we get too far with the punches. I also wanted to let you know that I am backing each one with wool in various colors. The finish will include these backings.

I hope you are enjoying the one a month twelve days, I am having so much fun designing them!

Happy Punching,

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