Monday, March 5, 2018


Punch needle design named: "Bumble"

Designed for a reversed punch needle
named: "The buzz on bees"
Out of the box

A little different.

This week I would like to offer two patterns.
They are both available now in my Etsy shop as a printed or downloadable pattern.

The first "Bumble is a 3 strand punch, color coded using DMC only.
it measures 5" x 8" . and is a conventional punch worked on weavers cloth.

The second "The buzz on Bees" is a reversed punch needle meaning the finished side is the side you actually work on not the loop it looks like a embroidery.
It measures 5" x 8" and is done on weavers cloth using 2 & 3 strands of floss. It is color coded using DMC only. 

Enjoy, Kate

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