Monday, June 25, 2018

The Orchard Collection

I have been very quiet on my blog and social media, I apologize for that.  I have been working hard on my new collection. "The Orchard Collection". These Punch Needle Patterns all measure 7" x 7" which makes them easy to Mix and Match. Choose your favorite or punch them all. I've decided to make them into a banner for above my dining room window.  Directions on how to make a interchangeable banner board is available on my finishing page here is the link: The Banner

My intention is to make another banner for The Holidays which can be swopped out for Christmas.
They are mounted using magnets, which makes them very easy to remove and exchange. Love it.... since I do switch things up a bit for a seasonal change.

Lets move on to the Punches. 
These Punch needle patterns are available in my Etsy shop: Shop now 
Eight in total. Each sold separately. 
I used a three strand CTR needle. They come with a color code using DMC embroidery floss and
measure 7" by 7". These are a fun and easy punch. The background is punched using DMC's balled #8 floss, so the background has no separating or rethreading of the needle. You can decide for yourself whether you would like the outer black border, I wanted to frame them off for the banner. If you look closely there is also a matching colored border which can be increased in amount of rows for an alternative finished edge.  Thank you as always for stopping by.

Enjoy, Kate

"Plums"                                                            "Peaches"

"Apples"                                                             "Pears"

"Cherries"                                                        "Lemons"

"Limes"                                                         "Oranges"

Link to more finishing examples: Go now

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